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The Sacramento region is a racially and ethnically diverse place that is shaped by urban and rural influences. As the State Capitol, Sacramento reflects a mix of political, business, and agricultural interests. These unique qualities, in turn, shaped the past struggles, strategies, and outcomes of the Chicano Movement in Sacramento in the 1960s and 1970s. The oral narratives demonstrate that civil rights activists drew upon their own rural and urban experiences as well as their culture, ethnicity, and race to forge a new “Chicano” consciousness and to exert social, political, and economic change at all levels of society. While scholars are now exploring the activities of the individuals and organizations central to the Chicano Movement in Sacramento, we still know far too little about the exciting and tumultuous period. The Chicano Movement Sacramento project contributes to building our knowledge of that era so that we can learn of past struggles to create a stronger future for everyone.