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Community Activists

Marianna Rivera is a community activist based in Sacramento. She helped launched the Breakfast For Los Niños Program, participated in the Venceremos Brigade to Cuba, and currently participates in the Zapatista Movement in Chiapas, Mexico.

Rudy Cuellar, Jr. is a member of the Royal Chicano Airforce, a community-based art collective that used cultural expression to combat the oppression of Chicano peoples.

Richard Soto is Vietnam War veteran dedicated to serving the educational and community needs of Chicano/Mexican peoples in California’s central valley. Among his many accomplishments is the founding San Joaquin Delta College and his induction into the Stockton Mexican American Hall of Fame.

Graciela B. Ramirez is a long-time educator, Chicana/Mexicana educator and elder of the pre-Columbian ceremonies held in the California central valley, including the Xilonen Ceremony for young women.

Oral History Students

Krystina Caro

Derek Chan

Daniel Davis

Catherine Dufour

Antoinette Mendieta

Eric Moy

Angela Obispo

Daniel Robles

Elma Rodriguez

Sergio Salazar

Luka Ukrainczyk

Lizbeth Velasco

Project Faculty

Miroslava Chavez-Garcia is an Associate Professor in the Chicana/o Studies Department and an historian. She teaches courses on the U.S.-Mexico Border, Chicanas and Latinas in history, Race and Juvenile Justice, and Chicana/o Studies. For this project she developed and taught the history and oral history curriculum and also co-managed press, event planning, and course administration.

jesikah maria ross is a community cultural development practitioner whose teaching and production work centers on collaborations with schools, community-based organizations and social action groups to create projects that generate media art, civic participation, and social change. She developed and taught the video oral history curriculum for the course and co-managed press, event planning, and course administration.