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ARC collaborates with community partners to design, manage and guide community university partnerships. Community partners for I am here include:

C.K. McClatchy High School Billingual Resources Program

The bilingual resources program at C.K. McClatchy High School provides students and teachers with academic support needed to help immigrant students succeed in school.

Contact: Gema Godina


Community Heritage Language School in Rancho Cordova

The purpose of the Community Heritage Language Schools is to create a connecting bridge for a smooth transition in the American educational system and to develop and strengthen bridges of trust and understanding between mainstream American schools and refugee communities.

Contact: Nadia Kalinyuk


Youth Participants

Serguy Tsytovyk

Valentina Melnik

Anastasiya Karpach

Violetta Moldovonko

Katie Demchyk

Vitek Moldovonko

Estrella Garcia

Alma Chavaria

Blanca Hernandez

Luis Villalobos

Jorge Vargas

Ivan Serrano

Enrique Perales

Arturo Banales

Oscar Puluc